«Blutfahne» — The band was founded in 2009. Imogrim and Timofei were standing at the sources.
In the autumn of the same year, at home, the first material was recorded.
In the spring of the following 2010 he was embodied in the CD edition on Pa Gamle Stir.
And ... The band's activity was suspended.
Until December 2016 the band was in search of Truth and Path ...
The December cold in 2016 brought the first sounds of the Blutfahne!
Our friend from Barbatos productions offered us to take part in the cult collection of Hammerstorm!
In a new composition / Yarvur came from a friendly band instead of Timofei / we have recorded the first song many years later.
The collection was released in December 2016 on the Day of the Winter Solstice!
Blutfahne on it is in the same ranks with the Brothers from Germany, France, Sweden, America and many others.